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Budamotor Racing
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Welcome to the website of Budamotor Ltd!

Welcome to the website of  the hungarian Budamotor Ltd!  If you are interested in oldtimer races,  building classic motorbikes,  reproducing,  repairing or refurbishing drum brakes and other spare parts - then this is the place you want to go.

"Quality is what can always be improved..."






2018/02/16-18  - Milano-Novegro / Italy 

2018/09/7-9  - Imola / Italy

A broad variety of brakes

What you see here is the front brake of the NSU Sport Max. Our objective is to produce such items for sport motorbikes that are not available on the market. We are a true micro-enterprise, or a manufacture in the traditional sense of the word. To meet every need, we are able, based on original parts, photos or drawings, to produce any required moulds by using traditional techniques. The parts we thus mould are then hand-finished with traditional tools. If all goes well, our efforts result in high quality, genuine and authentic but brand new spare parts, for the pleasure of every motorbike builder.